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The Vineyard and Winery was established in 1969 by the Vuletich family.

Nestled alongside State Highway 1, three kilometres south of Whangarei. The name Longview Wine Estate
reflects the commanding view that the elevated clay slopes give over the Whangarei Harbour. Gumdiggers was named after our Dalmation Grandfather who worked the Northland Gumfields.

The site provides early ripening fruits of rich concentrated flavours.

Reserve Gewurztraminer 2014

Rose petal and Turkish Delight aromas are displayed, with great viscosity on the palate, achieved by a long cool fermentation

Reserve Chardonnary 2013

Nose: White Peach. Notes of Guava and lifted toasted citrus flavours, fermented with natural yeast and matured in French oak barriques.

NEW RELEASE Limited Edition Barrique Chardonnay 2012

A blend of three grape varieties, Mendoza, Clone 6 and Clone 15. The nose is steely and oily with notes of guava and lifted toasted citrus flavours. Fermented with natural yeast and matured in French Oak Barriques.

White Diamond 2015

This wine is made from White Diamond grapes grown exclusively at Longview Estate. A sweet, fragrant, fruity wine, with an intense grape flavour. Goes down well with cheese, desserts, Asian, Thai and Indian cuisine. Serve chilled. Best enjoyed within 2 years of the vintage.

"Once tasted never forgotten"


Malbec - Merlot 2012

Reserve Maree's Malbec 2010

These grapes were grown, harvested and processed at longview Estate.100% Malbec aged in French Oak barriques for 15mths. Brilliant violet colour, with intense flavours of blackberry,plums and cherries on the palate with soft approachable tannins.A youthful wine that will age up to four to five years. There is limited stock of the Maree's Malbec, a small amount was produced.

Malbec - Merlot 2012

Carefully crafted from hand-picked fruit grown on Longview Estate's Vineyard. Maturation for 12 months in French Oak barrels. Flavours of spice and Plums.

Gumdiggers Port

Made from fruit grown on the estate. A tawny port style. Has a rich full flavour of prunes and chocolate. We are famous for it.We suggest you have it with tasty cheeses dried fruits and chocolate. Enjoy with good friends.



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